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UTHealth is at the forefront of obesity prevention, research and treatment and its faculty members have developed community, education and technology-based obesity intervention programs that have worldwide impact.
From natural disasters to public health emergencies and other crises, the importance of being prepared for an emergency situation cannot be overstated. UTHealth is your go-to resource for information on disaster preparedness.
From trying to create new cartilage in the laboratory to clinical trials for patients with traumatic brain injury and stroke, scientists and physicians at UTHealth are leading the way in stem cell research.
At UTHealth, researchers and clinicians are finding ways to give children with developmental disorders the early intervention and skills they need to live fulfilling lives.
Researchers and practitioners at UTHealth are working to study, treat and diagnose conditions affecting the aging population. The Center on Healthy Aging is dedicated to geriatric care.
Clinicians and researchers from across the campus of UTHealth strive to discover breakthroughs in diagnosing and treating neurobehavioral disorders, including mood disorders and addiction.
From stem cell research to cutting-edge rehabilitation treatment, UTHealth physicians and researchers are finding new ways to treat traumatic brain injury, which affects 1.7 million people in the U.S. each year.

In the UTHealth Newsroom

UTHealth experts spill beans on festive party food preferences

With the holiday party season in full swing, deciding what to wear can be the biggest headache. But paying attention to what you eat at such occasions might reveal it’s your diet more in need of a makeover. The good news is experts at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) can help.


Darling Dash 5K presented by UT Physicians opens for registration

For the third year, the UT Physicians Comprehensive Sickle Cell Center is the presenting sponsor of the As One Foundation’s Darling Dash 5K, which is in its ninth year.


Doctors test promising presurgical treatment for oral cancer

Hoping to increase the survival rate for oral cancer, doctors at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) are participating in a multicenter, phase one/two clinical trial on a drug-releasing patch designed to shrink tumors prior to surgery.


Proposed study investigating use of atmospheric gas to lessen brain injury in survivors of cardiac arrest

Emergency medicine physicians at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) are seeking community input about a proposed clinical trial assessing the efficacy of inhaling xenon, a medical gas, to mitigate brain injury and preserve cerebral function in cardiac arrest patients.


Scientists engineer virus to kill brain cancer

The common cold sore virus has been enlisted in the war against cancer and it proved effective in fighting brain tumors in preclinical studies, reported scientists at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth) in the journal Nature Communications.


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In the Media

The ADA helps those of us with disabilities every day, thanks to HW

The Hill, 12/12/2018

The Hill ran an op-ed written by Lex Frieden, MA, on the lasting impact of the Americans with Disabilities Act, which the disability rights activist worked to pass with the late President George H.W. Bush.


Fiesta held for outgoing regional dean of School of Public Health-Brownsville

Rio Grande Guardian, 12/10/2018

Joseph McCormick, MD, MS, was featured in a Rio Grande Guardian story about his stepping down as regional dean at the School of Public Health in Brownsville. Susan Tortolero Emery, PhD, Belinda Reininger, DrPH, Rose Gowen, MD, David McPherson, MD, Maria Elena Rodriguez, Vanessa Saldana, and Lisa Mitchell Bennett were among those quoted in part two of the story paying tribute to his service.


New book reveals hidden life of legendary Houston trauma surgeon

CultureMap, 12/10/2018

CultureMap interviewed Bryant Boutwell, DrPH, about the biography he wrote featuring the life and legend of James H. "Red" Duke Jr., MD. Visit Houston shared information about the "I'm Dr. Red Duke" book signing yesterday at McGovern Medical School.


How to avoid holiday heart syndrome

KPRC Radio, 12/09/2018

Salman Arain, MD, told KPRC Radio Fifty+ listeners what they can do to avoid the holiday heart syndrome.


Healthy Holidays

Houston Chronicle, 12/09/2018

John Higgins, MD, wrote an article for the Houston Chronicle on how to reduce stress and avoid overindulgence during the holidays.


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